Baltimore Blogs

Dear Baltimore's List of Baltimore Blogs (in no particular order)

  1. Baltimore Murder Count 2015 -  Ms. Cham Green does an excellent job of tracking this rapidly increasing number. Victims listed with age, cause of death, location of incident, and case status.
  2. Raven's Insider- The best way to keep up with Raven's news, injury report and stories.  
  3. City Paper's Top Tens of 2015- Reader's and Writers pick Baltimore's Best
  4. Baltimoria- Baltimore though the lens of Pat Gravin 
  5. The Chop- I could spend hours combing through this blog.Random everything Baltimore (this is the type of blog wants to be when it grows up)
  6. The City that Breeds - Baltimore style humor 
  7. Stay Classy Canton- I follow this blog daily, keep up with Canton happenings 

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