Tuesday, November 29, 2016


You can donate directly to the Oceri Sakowkin Camp at


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dear Baltimore Artist!

If you are an artist, producer or spectator expect to have your face melted at the all improvised Bmore BeatClub Hip Hop open mic this Thursday Sept 8th at 7pm with TTtheArtist
@ Line Up Room Studios 218 W. Saratoga  Only $5!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pool Party!!

Don't forget tonight is Patterson Park's Adult Pool Party! Doors open at 7pm, only 300 people are allowed in so get there early. $5 a person or 7$ if you bring a cooler- thats right, its BYOB!! No glass, and you must wear swim attire.

See you in the pool!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Baltimore Is Looking For Web Help

Dear Baltimore Web Gurus,

DearBaltimore (@DearBmore) is in desperate need of help. Currently DearBaltimore is looking for an individual who loves Baltimore (at least some of the time) and is willing to help give DearBaltimore.com a facelift. 

For more details please visit the full listing on Craigslist

Interested or know the right person? Email me at DearBmore@gmail.com

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sometimes life

We're already off to a murderous year. It is easy to ignore the increasing number, to turn a blind eye to the violent crimes. Until the number of victims and criminals become easily recognizable names of people you knew and know. First its shocking, that it hits so close to home. Then you remember this murderous place is your home. 

Sorry for the hiatus

Stay Safe Bmore

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dear Baltimore, Help Beth and Ethan Get Married

Meet Beth,

In 2001, Beth enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served our country for 8 Bad A$$ years. When she got out, she earned a few degrees and now she teaches Elementary School Special Ed in Anne Arundel  County.

Beth and her Husband Ethan never had an official wedding ceremony and now they need your help to get one. Baltimore's Mix 106.5 and Visit Baltimore  have given Beth and Ethan a chance at a Dream Wedding for up to 100 guest, but they need you to help VOTE them to the aisle.  Visit Mix 106.5 once a day every day til V-day to help Beth and Ethan win their dream wedding. 
Here's their story
"We have an odd story. The fact is that we are legally married but never got to have a wedding. We planned one, but my husband is in the USMC and on the weekend of our wedding his base was put on lockdown. He was suppose to fly from Texas to California, but 24 hours before the wedding he found out that he could not leave the base. We had the family fly in, flowers, cake, venue, but no groom. Since then (3 bases and a baby later) we still haven’t gotten around to it. I have my wedding dress hanging in a closet just waiting for that special day to come. We have always joked that the Marine Corps is his wife (because he made that commitment first) and I am the mistress. He is finally getting “promoted to civilian” this spring after honorably and dutifully serving his full enlistment, and I am hoping that finally we will be able to have the wedding that we have been waiting over two years for! I heard about the contest on the radio and immediately thought, this could be it, our shot to make this wedding dream come true."


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dear Baltimore Foodies,

Due to recent weather Baltimore Restaurant Week will be extended! Check out BaltimoreRestaurantWeek.com to find out which restaurants will continue their participation

Friday, January 29, 2016

and that damn Chick-Fil-A promotion! (Iowa - Maryland Basketball Hitler parity)

Dear Terps Fans,

If  you love UMD Basketball (or hate Duke) then you'll love this video posted by Xavier 

University of Maryland 
(8) just sent IOWA(3) home with a "L" Next game in Comcast stadium is February 6 @ 4 pm when the Terps take on Purdue 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Post

I dont have any additional imformation as this is all they posted. Looks brand new!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Baltimore Restaurant Week 2016

Dear Baltimore, anybody in walking distance want to grab lunch?
I totally forgot that it is Restaurant Week! Beat Cabin Fever by grabbing a two-course meal for $15/$20 or wait til dinner and grab a three-course meal $25/$35
Also new this year is Brunch! (The best meal of the day) for $15 or $20 bucks you can grab weekend Brunch at Ten Ten American Bistro, Le GarageGermanos Pianttini, Miss Shirley's, Warehouse 518 and Alexander's Tavern.
Deals end January 31, but last time we had major a blizzard over Restaurant week they held a second one in Spring, so who knows...

To find out which restaurants are participating by neighborhood, meal type, or cuisine please visit www.baltimorerestaurantweek.com


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear Baltimore, Don't Forget Your Neighbors

I left my water bottle in my truck last night, this morning it was a solid block of ice. 
Last night almost 3,000 Baltimoreans slept on the street. Countless others slept in housing without heat or electricity. 
Recently, I spent time at my neighbor Charles' place. Charles Armstrong*, better known as "The Homeless Artist," is often seen pushing and pulling his carts covered in plastic canvases of his art. During the summer Charles crosses the city of Baltimore, but during the winter weather Charles is less mobile.  
As the sun went down, and the wind picked up I quickly realized how little a dollar does to keep someone similar to Charles warm. It was 42 degrees when I last parted ways with him; tonight's low will be 22 degrees.

Charles suggest that before you roll down your window and hand that familiar face a buck, that you ask your neighbor "What Helps?" In Charles' case, its Sterno burners or rubbing alcohol, and dark colored tarps. But everyone is different, so don't assume.  If you'd like to make a difference, if you'd like to help someone, don't forget your neighbors this winter.  

Stay Warm,

*Charles Armstrong is an alias, i respect his wishes not to use his real name.  Charles will be featured in the upcoming edition of Baltimore's City Paper